houjunmai: Miyama Hiroto (99.9) (Default)
houjunmai ([personal profile] houjunmai) wrote2016-09-14 11:30 pm

Absolutely no idea

...as to why my Dreamwidth journal is as empty as... well, empty.

Did I really not write anything when I signed up for this thing x years ago? Oh well. It's a challenge that the site doesn't have mobile now that I'm cutting down on laptop time--and because I sometimes don't feel like using my resurrected laptop and having a fancy schmancy phone makes you want to do everything on it.

But hey, the fancy schmancy phone makes it possible to compose something via mobile browser at least! I probably wouldn't have bothered trying it on my old phone with lower specs. This thing here seems to have the ability to hang in there--as in chill and not crash--until I can finish a tiny post like this. がんばれ!

(Yup, can totally handle keyboard switches during composition, woot~)

Oh. Perhaps it's because I've been gone a long time that my journal got purged? I've also got vague thoughts about having deleted my posts back then but I can't remember why. Whatever reason it is, I think it's just better to move forward and work on building new content.

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